Add or remove names to the prayer list on the office bulletin board or email Please include relation to you/OSLC. Names will be removed after four weeks.

At Peace

  • Karin Haaland Weyand (friend of Pastor Michael)
  • Fred Goodenough (friend of Laurie Sanders)
  • Richard Bingler (member)
  • Carter Ristig (infant friend of Terri Morris)
  • Carol Ward (friend of the Koozers)

Ill or Recovering from Illness

  • David Phares (nephew of Yvonne Rodgers)
  • Cindy Wigley (friend of the congregation)
  • Gene Ward (friend of the congregation)
  • Allison Ravn (John Ravn’s daughter)
  • Carole Zeiher (member)
  • Susan Bingler (member)
  • Bruce Noble (member)
  • Erin Murphy (Carole Zeiher’s daughter)
  • Ralph Agavino (member)
  • Abigail Compton (member)
  • Inger Kristoffersen (member)
  • Betty Ann O’Leary (charter member)
  • Laurice Maher (member)

Others in Our Prayers

  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (partner congregation)
  • Lutheran Disaster Response/Lutheran World Relief