Posts from February 2020

Posts from February 2020

The Messenger – March 2020

I SAID:  I WILL CONFESS MY TRANSGRESSIONS TO THE LORD. Years ago, that verse from Psalm 32 was sung as part of the Brief Order of Confession in most Lutheran churches. It still echoes in many of our ears, reminding us of God’s call to be honest with him and with ourselves, to lay open our hearts. This openness, this unflinching acknowledgment of our own failures, is an important part of Lent, the season of penitence and self-denial. But the…

Jesus “chooses” to Heal and Comfort Us

By Tina Korte In reading Matthew 8, you will find that Jesus “chooses” to heal and comfort us.  And in times of “terrible stress” he is always available.  Our faith relies on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in these topsy-turvy times.  In this “windstorm” surrounding us today, all we need to do is ask Slowly take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Oh, Lord, our life as we’ve known it, is changing.  We are struggling as we lose…

OSLC Adopts 2020 Constitution

On February 23rd, an updated version of the OSLC Constitution was adopted at a congregational meeting. You can read the constitution as well as the marked-up draft on the OSLC Constitution page of this website.