Posts from October 2021

Posts from October 2021

November 2021 Congregational Meeting

Mark your calendars for the annual November Congregational Meeting on Sunday, November 7, from 12:00-1:30pm. (Note the earlier week than in recent years and that it is the Sunday of the Fall Back time change.) This is an important milestone in the church year in which we set the future direction of Our Saviour Lutheran Church. The focus of the November meeting will be centered around voting on the 2022 Ministry Spending Plan, elections for the Congregation Council, a Trustee, and other committees.…

Are You a College-Age Adult Interested in Group Activities with Your Peers?

Are you interested in doing something with a group of peers? How about a trip to a haunted trail or to see a couple of your younger friends in the Fauquier High School play? We will schedule around your commitments, but the play runs through 29-30 at 7pm. Bring your friends! We can do dinner before or after somewhere nearby. If interested, contact Betsy Wilco through the church office.  

School Kits for Lutheran World Relief

Imagine going to school without paper or a couple of pencils. That’s a daily reality for children living in poverty or emergency situations all over the world. You’re all familiar with LWR personal care kits (soap, towel, comb, etc.) that we collected last month. Those kits and school kits are the top 2 kits that LWR distributes throughout the world. This year, LWR is trying to make up for a shortfall of kits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In their…

Share Your Faith Story With Your OSLC Family

When we belong to the same family (OSLC), we want to hear each other’s stories. That is what we have done in past issues of the church’s monthly newsletter, The Messenger, and would like to continue as it was well received. For some of us, talking or writing about ourselves is easy. It gets harder when it is that sacred dimension, a most precious part of our lives. If your heart is willing to share but you can’t find the words,…