Continuity of Ministry Committee Conclusions Regarding Rising COVID-19 Cases

Continuity of Ministry Committee Conclusions Regarding Rising COVID-19 Cases

The Continuity of Ministry Committee met on Tuesday, January 4 to discuss the Omicron variant and massive spike in cases not only nationally but also in our immediate community. Our goal is to remain open while maintaining a safe space for all involved. As a result, we are strongly urge – but not mandate – the use of masks inside our building with as mush physical distancing as possible. Additionally, we will be reducing the amount of congregational singing during our worship services.

We request that all in-person meetings be conducted in the largest space available to maximize physical distancing. For Zoom meetings in Room #6, masks must be worn due to the limited ability for spacing of participants.

As always, vaccines and boosters remain the best tool for preventing hospitalizations and deaths, and are strongly encouraged.

Thank you for caring for each other and staying safe!

Summary of Recommendations

  • We continue to strongly urge, but not mandate, mask wearing and social distancing while in Church
  • Modify worship to have less congregational singing
  • Modify communion to only serve the body during communion, suspending the chalice
  • Persons shall strive to meet in the largest room possible to maximize social distancing
  • Masks must be worn in all small rooms (e.g., room 6 and small classrooms).
  • All persons associated with organizations granted building use shall always be masked when inside any space within the church. This shall be a condition for granting use. Groups with pending building use authorizations shall be notified of this change by the Church Secretary.


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