COVID Updates for August

COVID Updates for August

I wanted to pass along a few updates from the Continuity Committee:

1.      After a month of successful, in-person worship, we have learned a few things.

a.      Sign-up in advance is no longer required for in-person worship;

i.     It is based on attendance that has not exceeded our space requirements and that we can overflow to
the fellowship hall if needed.
ii.    We want to encourage those who are comfortable to come worship in person.
iii.   We will continue to use a simple sign-in sheet to track attendance (It’s painless).
iv.   We will continue to wear our masks and maintain social distancing.

b.      Our online services on Saturday and Sunday will continue for those who stay home or who are out of town.
Many thanks to the various volunteers and staff who make those possible.

2.      Ulrich Park (including our Playground) is now Open

a.      Feel free to use it – please try to maintain physical distancing.
b.      Thank you to the volunteers who secured it and then those who helped reopen this welcoming space for us
and our neighbors.

3.      Fauquier Community Child Care is finished using the fellowship hall and classrooms.

a.      Terminal cleaning has been completed and open to use for the church.
b.      FCCC is very grateful to OSLC for hosting them during this time.
c.      If there are needs for the use of the fellowship hall, please contact the office.

4.      We also want to extend our deep thanks to our office administrator, Yvette Pfeiffer, for continuing to keep us
connected and up to date with weekly communications.  They are useful and easy to consume, and we look to them to
know what is going on in the congregation and community. If you haven’t done so recently, send a note, call, or come
by the office to let her know you appreciate her, too!

Thanks again,
Mark Knisely

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