Go Deeper With Jesus . . .  Consider Teaching Sunday School

Go Deeper With Jesus . . .  Consider Teaching Sunday School

Gifted in Organizing People? Want children and youth to know that God loves them? If so, Sunday School needs YOU!

Sunday School had an amazing first full year since Covid hit, with Kat Tucker as our superintendent and many leaders helping and much family and congregation support. Thank you all, and thanks be to God!

The Faith Team leaders are looking to staff the upcoming 2022-23 school year as soon as possible. If you are willing and able to lead, organize, teach, or support our Sunday School program in any way, let us know.

We are particularly seeking to fill the position of superintendent. The superintendent makes sure that teachers have the needed curriculum and supplies, that they are up to date with information, that they know schedules, and are supported, as well as having a substitute as needed. They hold regular meetings with the teachers and generally keep things moving along smoothly. They work with the office on communications and database as needed. Paula Williar will continue to act as the assistant to the superintendent, so there will be help for whomever takes this on. Please note: this position does not have to be staffed by a professionally trained teacher.

If you are interested in learning more about that position, or help in some other way, please contact Mark Knisely, Betsy Wilco, or one of the pastors.


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