Dear youth and families,

Being in middle school or high school in 2020 is a challenge. School and extracurricular activities are pretty much completely different from what we’ve done in the past. We can’t come together at school yet, and most sports and group activities are a bit different this year (if they are happening at all). Therefore, we want our youth to connect in person whenever possible. That said, for some it is best to stay home, and a Zoom event without masks offers conversation opportunities that in-person with masks or distance cannot. We are attempting to respond to both needs.

We are taking steps to lower risks by guidance from the Continuity of Ministry Committee, such as pre-plating foods, wearing masks when we need to, physical distancing, being careful about ride-shares, and more. These will naturally change as we learn more about the virus.

As the Fall progresses, look for more information about these things:

• online events
• in-person youth groups on site
• study halls/laid-back youth groups
• outings and short trips
• events with other Lutherans in Virginia and other churches in the area.

In all of this, we will grow closer to each other in these unusual times!

What do YOU want to do? Send us your ideas!

A call to make a difference: Parents or other caring adults are asked to consider volunteering with our youth ministries. Listening and reaching out to teenagers and pre-teens has a lasting influence on the youth. It also changes the adults themselves!

Contact with ideas, questions, and offers to help.

Get Out and Get Moving! OSLC Youth Hike

On Sunday, September 13, high school youth and their friends are invited to an afternoon of hiking at Sky Meadows State Park. There are many trails, so we can adjust our hike according to our whims.

What time do we start and when will we finish?
We will meet at church at noon, planning to arrive and start hiking by 1:00 pm. Although we will be playing it by ear, we estimate a return to church by about 5:00 pm.

How do we let you know we are planning to come?
RSVP to Pastor Terri ( or Renee Breeding by Saturday, September 12.

What happens if it rains?
RSVP in advance so we can alert you to any changes in our plans. If we need to cancel, we will try again on Saturday, September 26, time TBD.

How do we get there?
We will take the bus, open the windows for ventilation, and wear masks so that we can enjoy the ride together. However, parents should feel free to make other arrangements and meet us at Sky Meadows. The park address is 11012 Edmonds Lane, Delaplane, VA 20144. There is a park entrance fee. The church will cover the cost for the bus.

What else should we know?
Bring your own trail snack and filled water bottle. We may stop for ice cream on the way home. Be sure to have Mrs. Breeding and Pastor Terri’s phone numbers handy before you meet up with us. Sky Meadows has a mask requirement for the buildings (including restrooms and the gift shop). Dress logically for the event. 😉

Youth Nights—High School and Middle School

We are offering the same general structure for both high school and middle school youth groups. These are times to hang out, have some food and fun in a safe environment. Other months will likely follow this structure and schedule, adjusting as needed for the weather and response from youth and their families.

High School Youth Group—Sunday, September 20, from 5-7pm

PALMS (Middle School)—Sunday, September 27, from 5-7pm

Join us for fun, food, and friendship! Each age group will follow the same format.

• Outdoors (weather permitting)
• Games will include one sport and one goofy group game—TBD (any requests?)
• Food:

• pizza (pre-plated for safety)
• canned soda (first to let Pastor Terri know what soda you want will be on offer!)
• Dessert (hopefully a homemade treat)

• RSVP to by noon on the day of so we know how much pizza to order.

If you want to put in a request for a game or soda choice, let me know a few days ahead. Can’t wait to reconnect!

Blessings from Pastor Terri