Let’s Talk …

What’s Your Topic…

Do you feel the shared experiences of others can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps a tough decision is looming on your horizon. You may feel trapped in a seemingly no-win situation. Maybe it is knowledge and support for a pressing circumstance in your life. Our purpose is to help you find your way through adult conversation without censorship.

Typically held on the fourth Thursday of the month, this group is your opportunity to discuss a specific topic of interest to a particular group of people. As the topic changes, the group may change as well.

Previously discussed topics include care-giving for those with diminished capacity (dementia or Alzheimer’s), dealing with PTSD, living with an autoimmune or chronic disease.  Come share what you know and learn what you didn’t know.

You name the topic and email it to Greg Crowne at GCrowne301@aol.com. I’ll get a group together.

All are welcome.

Pain Shared is Pain Divided  …  Joy Shared is Joy Multiplied …  Thank you Jesus