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Easter Sunday – April 12, 2020

Bulletin  Click here for Easter Sunday worship bulletin. A special thank you to Brad Stewart for his video recording and editing work which made this special presentation possible.  Virtual Easter Coffee Hour (Zoom, 11:30am) After service, tune in to be strengthened by fellowship and conversation with one another. Kids could show off Easter Baskets! Ladies could wear […]

Palm Sunday – April 5, 2020

Sunday, April 5 at 10:00 am Remote Worship While we are all being asked to refrain from group gatherings, we can still worship together. We ask that if you can join the live service, please do. We will all be joined together in prayers and in support of each other, our community, our church and […]

The Eleventh Hour: A Sermon for Veterans’ Day


The first time I visited France, some thirty-five years ago, I noticed a curious sign posted on the Paris subway. In each car, next to a couple of seats, it said: “Reserved for disabled ex-servicemembers.” Well, that’s the translation. Really, the seats were reserved for mutilés de guerre, literally those who had been mutilated by war, […]

The Valley of the Uz


Let the dead bury their dead, says Jesus. And I thought of this a few months ago, when the battle erupted over a graveyard in Transylvania. In the part of Romania where I used to live, there are whole counties that do not think of themselves as “Romanian” at all. Before the First World War, […]

Let’s Kill Jesus!


Let’s kill Jesus. That’s an ugly sentence. Jesus, who hurt nobody and loved even the most wretched. How could we hurt him? How could anybody, but much less his followers? But: Let’s kill Jesus. It’s what one of his followers – one of his closest, one of the Twelve Apostles — came away muttering, just […]

Love Comes to Life


I was in talking to an atheist the other day. (Pastors meet more atheists than you might imagine.) This fellow had a question – “What should I expect, as an unbeliever, if I go to a church for the first time?” Without saying it directly, he was a little apprehensive. He was afraid, I think, […]

A Scary Place – Easter Sunday, 2018


My life, I sometimes think, really began when I was twenty-three years old. I was working a desk job in the city, living a life of quiet desperation. One day I quit, stuffed some clothes into a backpack and flew to the Caribbean. Not one of the nice islands, either. I went to Haiti, the […]

Upside Down – Palm Sunday, 2018


There was a game that people used to play, back in the Middle Ages. On certain days, they would reverse their roles. Kings might dress up like peasants, and vice-versa. One version of this game was called “The Boy Bishop.” On the Feast of the Holy Innocents, in some places, a choirboy would be chosen […]