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Second Saturday Socials 

Virtual Sunday Fellowship Hour (New time: 11am)
LWR Personal Care Kits (Printable list of needed items)
Every YOUth Matters! (Hike this Sunday, 9/13)              
Quilt Ministry
Drive-in Movie Night at OSLC (Next Friday, 9/18)
Calendar & Altar Flowers
Faith Growth Opportunities – Dave’s Class is BACK IN SESSION
Continuity Committee
Church Office Hours
Grateful for Your Donations 

Worship for Saturday, September 12 & Sunday, September 13

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 It’s Here! Our Inaugural SECOND SATURDAY SOCIAL 

Would you rather: 

Get together virtually with your OSLC friends on Zoom? 
Binge-watch old episodes of  “Fantasy Island” or “Perry Mason”?

Easy answer — Zoom into Second Saturday Social!

Beginning this Saturday, September 12, we’ll have a social on the second Saturday of the month at 6:30 pm. Bring your favorite food and/or drink. Come for a few minutes or the whole time. We’ll start our conversation with “Would You Rather” questions (and possibly do a fun Zoom poll).
Questions or suggestions? Contact Tamar at tamar.yager@oslc-warrenton.org.

Click on the Zoom button here:

… or simply call in from any phone. Call +1 301 715 8592, enter Meeting ID: 865 9589 1147 AND Passcode: 2SSocial

Virtual Sunday Fellowship Hour Theme for September 13 at 11:00 am:
Things we do for fun!

We have a new start time of 11:00 am. Join us right after service ends — or as soon as you can join in. Please know it’s absolutely okay to come in after we start!

We talked about Labor Day (our vocation) last week. So, this week we’ll have a chance to talk about what we do for our pleasure and joy (our avocation). Bring your own coffee or beverage/snack of choice, and log in (or call in) at 11:00 am every Sunday.

Click on the Zoom button here:  

… or simply call in from any phone. Call +1 301 715 8592, enter Meeting ID: 890 6783 2655 AND Passcode: 830903

Do you have little ones at home who want to share the joy? Invite them to share a picture they have drawn or come with their own question or answer for the group. Or, as we’ve seen in some previous weeks—show up in costume!!!

Looking forward to seeing and/or hearing you on Zoom this Sunday!

Collection for Lutheran World Relief (LWR) Personal Care Kits  

 LWR distributes Personal Care Kits to people all over the world who have lost everything. In the wake of an earthquake or escaping violence, they clasp a towel, bar of soap, and a toothbrush from a faraway place. Washing up, they know that they have NOT been forsaken by the world. You can help by contributing any or all items on the LWR Personal Care Kit list (bath towel, soap, toothbrush, comb, nail clippers). Monetary donations also help us pay for the shipping needed to get the health kits to where they are needed most. Please bring your donations to the church by Sunday, September 27.


and/or click on image for printable list of needed PCK items:




Every    Matters!

Read on for details about in-person and online, indoors and outdoors, active and laid-back connecting —plenty of opportunities for kids in grades 6-12!

  • High School Youth Hike at Sky Meadows on 9/13
  • High School Youth Group on 9/20
  • PALMS Night (Middle School Youth) on 9/27.

for the times, details, and how to join us!


Quilt Ministry

Sewing Up Another Year of Quilting

September marks the last month of our 2020 Quilting year. Although for most of the year we were not able to meet, Quilters enthusiastically continued sewing tops at home! And now, this Saturday (9/12) is the final gathering in the Fellowship Hall to assemble the layers of the Quilts while others complete the final steps (stitching the perimeters and tying knots) at home. Our Quilt numbers may be fewer this time around, but the spirit of love in giving goes undiminished as we embrace: God’s Work. Our Hands. Please join us for the “Blessing of the Quilts” at service on Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27.

Adopt-A-Quilt Shipping & Handling Fundraiser Underway 

In collaboration with Lutheran World Relief, special envelopes will be available in the narthex to support the Adopt-A-Quilt campaign seeking donations to help offset the shipping/handling costs of LWR Quilts ($2.25/Quilt.) All donations to help further our mission are greatly appreciated. Blessings!

Next Drive-In Movie Night at OSLC — September 18 @ 8:15 pm 

There will NOT be a drive-in movie at OSLC this weekend. However, OSLC Drive-in Movie Night will continue the following Friday (September 18) at 8:15 pm with the classic My Man GodfreyBe sure to mark your calendar and join us for this blast-from-the-past fun evening!



Please note that meeting/events may be occurring in person and/or online. Please check to confirm!


If you would like to donate flowers in memory, honor or celebration of a loved one or special date, please call Yvette in the church office at (540) 347-3224 with your information. 

Faith Growth Opportunities (virtual and/or in-person):

  • Dave’s Thursday Morning Class CLASS IS BACK IN SESSION!
    Join Dave Raecke and others on Thursday mornings at 10:00 am via ZOOM for a class/Bible study. The first class will be September 17 and is more of get (re)acquainted with one another session. Then class will continue the following week on September 24 to begin a study titled “Down + Out: Where Grace Takes You”.
    Summary: “Rediscovering” Luther’s ideas of 500 years ago – Justification and Vocation; two ideas—at once simple and scandalous, easily grasped and easily forgotten—central to the Biblical witness, but rediscovered by Martin Luther. Be reintroduced to the reality of God’s promises and pointed in the way to where grace takes you.To join the discussion, sit at your computer or smartphone with the microphone and camera on, and

    If you can’t connect by computer, it is also possible to dial in by phone (audio only). Call +1 (301) 715-8592 (USA) and enter Meeting ID: 890 6870 6445 


  • Thursday Evening Bible Study with Pastor Michael
    Join us Thursday evenings at 5:00 pm for a Bible Study via Zoom led by Pastor Michael. For the current series, go to our Upcoming Events page to see what series he’s delving into.
    To enter, sit at your computer or smartphone with the microphone and camera on, and

    If you can’t connect by computer, it is also possible to dial in by phone (audio only). Call +1 (646) 876-9923 (USA) and enter Meeting ID: 895 0940 7035

Continuity Committee  

Check out our COVID-19 page for news from the Continuity Committee and how Our Saviour is 

(click on “MOVING forward” to be taken to the page or read just the latest news about worshiping inside together again by following this link:  https://oslc-warrenton.org/current-worship-options-as-of-july-30-2020/)

Also, check out the helpful information from the CDC now that Virginia has opened up and especially since Our Saviour is once again coming together in person to worship. We want to ensure that all members, friends, staff and visitors are well informed and keeping as safe as possible.

Church Office Hours 

The OSLC office is open most of the week, but official open times for the public are Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 am-2:30 pm. Come by for the Food Closet, offering drop off, or stop in to pray. Please be sure to sign in (for purpose of contract tracing should it become necessary), and wear a cloth mask over your mouth and nose. Don’t have a face mask? We’ll give you one to keep!

Grateful for Your Donations!

We are extremely grateful for the continued offerings!
OSLC depends on weekly donations to keep the church operational. With your help, OSLC continues to be the church regardless of  if we meet in person or worship virtually. Your willingness to invest your time, talents, and financial resources matters!

to help you consider ways you can share a gift and make an impact.

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