July 20-21, 2019

Junior High Servant Event July 21-26— Pray for the youth and leaders going to JHSE at Virginia Beach: Abbie   Breeding, Faith Wilhelm, Matthew Fuerlinger, Theo Church, Adam Shorey, Tekla Tucker, Saoirse Tucker, Colin Ashby, Jayce Dittmar, Tom Bartkiewicz and Pastor Terri.

Children’s Bible Hour Continues—Yvonne Rodgers will read aloud from 9:30am through the fellowship hour. All children are invited to drop in.

We Need Friendly Faces to Greet at the 5:30 Service. Another worship assistant, too. Please contact Tamar Yager at tamaryager@gmail.com if you are available.


60th Anniversary Planning MeetingSaturday, Aug 3 at 3:30 in Fellowship Hall. Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm for this momentous milestone in the church’s life. So far, for the celebration September 21-29, we have discussed a Homecoming Picnic, History and Ministry Fair, Dinner, Hymn Sing and possibly a Pie/Ice Cream Social. Contact Tamar Yager at 540-631-7222 or tamaryager@gmail.com. More specifics will be announced soon.

Saturday, August 3 Potluck—Please join us for our monthly potluck after the 5:30 service. The theme is
Afor-August Foods”. Think asparagus, avocados, apples, arugula, antipasto, angel food cake, alfredo pasta or anchovy pizza. Or, how about anything Asian (sesame noodles or fried rice) or American (macaroni and cheese) or African (nut soup). For info, contact Tamaryager@gmail.com or 540-631-7222.  Clean-up help is always greatly appreciated.

Pick-a-Task Kitchen Cleanup—The Fellowship Committee, Joanne Smoot (custodian) and Mike Burkholder (property manager) will handle the ovens, dishwasher and floor. Volunteers are asked to pick a cupboard or cabinet to clean (there are 20 to choose from). Look for the sign-up sheet on the rolling cart in the narthex after services. Please clean at your convenience by August 17 (approx. 1-hour task each). Questions? Contact Bonnie.McQuillan@gmail.com or (540) 270-0653.

Conserve Energy—Last ones out, please turn off room lights, bathroom lights/fans and lock doors when you leave to save electricity and secure the building.

Help Somebody at Risk The CDC encourages Americans to learn about warning signs of suicide. A resource is the website www.BeThe1to.com. To reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Reminder to Those with Keys to OSLC—After attending a church event or activity, please make sure to lock the front door on your way out to ensure the security of the facility (even if people are left behind, they can get out). Thank you!

Online Giving—To donate by credit or bank card, go to https://oslc-warrenton.org/ donate.

This Week’s (July 20-July 28) Agenda:  

Sat, July 20 5:30pm Worship
Sun, July 21 8:00am Worship
9:15am Fellowship
9:30am Children’s Bible Hour
  10:30am Worship
Mon, July 22 ALL DAY Office Closed
Tues, July 23 10:00am Ladies Bible Study
7:00pm Worship Team
Wed, July 24 9:00am Bulletin Deadline
  10:30am Pickleball
Thu, July 25 7:00pm Voices of Praise
Fri, July 26
Sat, July 27 3:00pm Guitar Club
5:30pm Worship
Sun, July 28 8:00am Worship
9:15am Fellowship
  9:30am Children’s Bible Hour
  10:30am Worship