August 10-11, 2019


In the Pulpit Aug 10 & 11­—will be Pastor Lawrence Closter from Charlottesville, VA. Please welcome him in the OSLC tradition.

Fauquier Habitat is building again! Want to help?  Volunteers are needed to provide lunch for the builders on Weds, Thurs, and Sats. Lunches can be bagged sandwiches & chips or salads or pizza delivered, plus desserts and drinks brought to the jobsite on Haiti St. in Warrenton. Contact the Habitat office at 540-341-4952 or go to https// Build volunteers also needed.


Altar Flowers Brighten the Nave—Check the Flower chart in the hall for open Sundays to provide a lovely arrangement to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or to honor a special person now departed.

Sunday School Starts August 18—Teachers will be waiting in their classrooms for this year’s students to arrive and settle in at 9:15am.

Friendly Faces to Greet at the 5:30 Service—  Another worship assistant would be nice, too. Please contact Tamar Yager at if you are available.

Pick-A-Task Kitchen Clean-Up—Thanks to all who signed up for a cupboard/cabinet and especially to those who’ve completed their task. 4 cabinets/ cupboards remain unclaimed. If you have an extra hour to spare this week (or in the next two weeks), please sign up. The work is done at your convenience and involves emptying the space, washing it out, and replacing the items to be kept and discarding unneeded items. It will be so nice to start the “year” sparkling clean.

Conserve Energy—Last ones out, please turn off room lights, bathroom lights/fans and lock doors when you leave to save electricity and secure the building.

Help Somebody at Risk The CDC encourages Americans to learn about warning signs of suicide. A resource is the website To reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Reminder to Those with Keys to OSLC—After attending a church event or activity, please make sure to lock the front door on your way out to ensure the security of the facility (even if people are left behind, they can get out). Thank you!

Online Giving—To donate by credit or bank card, go to donate.


This Week’s (August 10-18) Agenda:  

Sat, Aug 10 5:30pm Worship/Pastor Closter
Sun, Aug 11 8:00am Worship/Pastor Closter
  9:15am Fellowship
  9:30am Children’s Bible Hour
  10:30am Worship/Pastor Closter
Mon, Aug 12 ALL DAY Office Closed
Tues, Aug 13 10:00am Ladies Bible Study
  12:30pm Quilting Ministry
  7:00pm Worship Planning Comte
Wed, Aug 14 9:00am Bulletin Deadline
  11:00am ECHO to Warrenton Manor
  7:00pm Mutual Ministry Comte
Thu, Aug 15 10:00am Newsletter deadline
  7:00pm Church Council
  7:00pm Voices of Praise
Fri, Aug 16    
Sat, Aug 17 8:30am Food Bank @ UMC
  3:00pm Guitar Club
  4:00pm Prayer Shawl Group
  5:30pm Worship/ Pastors are back
Sun, Aug 18 8:00am Worship/Pastors are back
  9:15am Fellowship
  9:15am Sunday School starts again
  10:30am Worship