Temporary Pause on Live Streaming Worship Services

Temporary Pause on Live Streaming Worship Services

(Starting next weekend, July 17-18, and lasting until a yet to be determined time but likely by late summer/early fall)

The worship team has asked to put a temporary hold on live streaming our worship services. In the interim, services will be uploaded to YouTube for later viewing.

This is good news! It will help with our OSLC Renaissance Period coming in the fall. We are doing this hold so that we can create a short-term project to purchase, install, and implement permanent equipment and plans for online worship. The break will allow us to focus on in-person worship now and accentuate it in the future, while still providing a high-quality stream for those who cannot join us in person every week. We have this option now that we have no restrictions on in-person worship, allowing us to move out of our COVID-response “emergency mode.”

Goals of the project include:

  • removing the sightline-blocking equipment and correcting lag problems
  • choosing the updated livestream platform; purchasing and installing the right equipment for our needs
  • training the volunteers to connect the audio, video, and social media pieces of our worship ministry

All of this is to better give glory to God in person and online.

If you would like to volunteer to be a part of this project or the ongoing committee that will come later, want to submit input, or donate funds, please contact Pastor Michael until a project manager is designated.


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