Worship During COVID (2)

Worship During COVID (2)

Updated as of November 9, 2020

Welcome to Worship In Person and Online!

We have in-person and online worship on Saturdays at 5:30pm and Sundays at 10:00am. 

When you arrive
  • Keep 6 feet apart and wear your mask.
  • Sign in upon your entrance into the church building (narthex), being sure to complete all columns. 
  • Pick up your bulletin from the table, take a mask if you need one, and leave your offering in the basket/plate.
  • The ushers will help you find a seat.
  • To keep households separated by at least six feet, the sanctuary will be specially marked with tape. Pool noodles are also on the pews to help! (If you can touch a different family group with a noodle, you are too close.)
  • If needed, service will be streamed to the Fellowship Hall where overflow seating will be available.
  • The main restrooms are available.
What we will do for worship
  • For the safety of those around us, worshipers will wear masks at all times. We have cloth masks available to keep. The only exceptions to wearing masks will be people who have health reasons, young children, and worship leaders when they are speaking/singing.
  • Singing will be greatly reduced, but we will have music!
  • We will have continue to have Communion on Sundays and add Communion to Saturdays starting at a later date.
  • Offerings will continue to be received online, by mail, and placed in a container in the narthex so that we can avoid passing the plate.
  • Nursery care will be available if reserved in advance. Email the church office no later than the Wednesday before each weekend. 
  • Cheerfully greet one another from a distance in order to refrain from any physical contact.
In order to stop the spread of disease, please let us know immediately if you visited church and then later found out you had been exposed to or had contracted Covid-19 at the time of your visit.
We Are Saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus!

God loves us and counts the hairs on our heads (even those with Covid hair!). Through God’s grace, we have life! If you don’t feel safe coming to worship, or if you just can’t stand wearing a mask so you’ll have to stay home, or if you would love to help but just can’t, know this: we’re cool with that, and we want you to know God loves you and so do we!

Safer at Home

You are still safer at home! Attending worship presents a risk, and even the measures we will take do not reduce that risk to zero. Therefore, we will continue to offer other ways for everyone to worship.

  • Services will continue to be offered on Facebook Live, as well as available for later viewing.
  • Holy Communion is available by appointment with the pastors.
  • Bible studies will continue on Zoom.
  • We are seeking more fellowship opportunities both as small groups in person and any size online. (Let us know if you have a request or idea!)
  • For now, these are the safest and most convenient ways to worship with us.
  • As safety allows and we develop the volunteers and technology to provide quality worship experiences, we will continue to reach out and expand what we have to offer.
  • If you have been exposed to the Covid-19 coronavirus, are feeling ill, or have a fever, please stay home.
Warnings and Risks
  • In-person, indoor, extended-time events are thought to be higher risk activities.
  • High Risk Individuals are highly encouraged to NOT attend but rather watch the service online from home.
  • Participants are aware this presents an increase in COVID-19 risk and assume all responsibility.
  • Those who attend commit to informing us if they later learn they had COVID-19 so we can inform others in attendance. Names of those who are sick will not be revealed.

Many thanks to the Continuity of Ministry Committee and various parts of the Worship Team for doing the research to get us to this place, and to you for your prayers and understanding. Questions about the decisions? Contact the Continuity of Ministry Committee chair, Mark Knisely, or any member of the Continuity of Ministry Committee. Questions about how to worship or how to help? Contact the pastors or the church office.

Finally, we know signing in for service and wearing a mask can be annoying. However, these are unique times that require unique measures, and for the time being we are asking everyone to do these things to help us maintain a safe environment.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past two weeks, are showing any symptoms of a communicable disease, have a fever over 100.4, we ask you to stay home and watch online. 

See you this weekend!

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