Add or remove names to the prayer list on the office bulletin board or notify the secretary; include relation to you/OSLC. Names will be removed after four weeks in order to accommodate others.

At Peace

  • Vincent French (stepfather of Nancy Griffin-Bonnaire)

Ill or Recovering from Illness

  • Kristen Church (sister-in-law of Pastor Michael)
  • Erin Posselt (friend of Carole Zeiher)
  • Doug Coyner (member)
  • Phyllis Strauss (mother of Sharon Wood)
  • Kevin Wood (son of Sharon Wood)
  • Kate Ingwersen (friend of George Garbe)
  • Donna Ingman (member)
  • Judy Jones (member)
  • Malina Fitzpatrick (member)
  • Nancy Kastrup (member)
  • Rudolph Shiflett (member)
  • Karla Kolb (member)
  • Steve Wise (friend of Wanda Dellinger)
  • Dave Adams & Family (friend of Bruce Maynard)

Ongoing Prayers

  • Maggie Botts (member)
  • Rose Flohr (founding member)
  • Laurice Maher (member)
  • Leona Keen (member)
  • Gloria Buck (member)
  • Arlen Ingman (member)
  • Michael Mishkin (father of Susan Kiser)

Others in Our Prayers

  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bialla, Papua New Guinea
  • Lutheran Disaster Response/Lutheran World Relief