Remembering Our Saints

Remembering Our Saints We at Our Saviour have felt the loss of many of the saints important to us through this past year, and over these years of pandemic. All of our charter members have now died and are at rest from their labors, and many of us mourn for someone whose light shines in our memory, especially those who entered life eternal this year. Following the sermon at each service this weekend (November 5 -6), worshippers will be able…

Lenten Wednesdays by Zoom

Although we aren’t able to share Soup Suppers the way we might like, we can join our hearts and voices in prayer at 7pm each Wednesday throughout Lent. Feb 17: Ash Wednesday Feb 24: Commemoration of Elizabeth Fedde, Deaconess Mar 3:  Commemoration of John & Charles Wesley Mar 10: Commemoration of Sojourner Truth & Harriet Tubman Mar 17: Commemoration of Patrick, Missionary to Ireland Mar 24: Commemoration of Oscar Romero, Bishop Join 7:00 pm Zoom Session each Wednesday in Lent…

Pandemic Hope: A Family Devotional for Life During COVID-19

Built around “Faith 5”, Pandemic Hope is a Devotional for families that focuses on the new realities we are all living in each day. It provides daily readings and activities for 8 weeks to work along side those who you are isolating alongside. To read and download this devotional, click here.

Prayer at Home

by Tina Korte Prayer at home #10 Dear God, Lord of the Universe,                                                                                                                                                Teach me how to pray in the good and fruitful times and the hard and devastating times. I hear the birds singing.  I see the sunrise and that perfect pink zinnia growing in the pot on my patio. In the morning after last night’s needed rain, I smell the clean fresh air on the lawn. And that first taste of coffee in my mug goes down with…

Jesus “chooses” to Heal and Comfort Us

By Tina Korte In reading Matthew 8, you will find that Jesus “chooses” to heal and comfort us.  And in times of “terrible stress” he is always available.  Our faith relies on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in these topsy-turvy times.  In this “windstorm” surrounding us today, all we need to do is ask Slowly take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Oh, Lord, our life as we’ve known it, is changing.  We are struggling as we lose…

The Power of One

Pastor Michael joins Tina Korte for a conversation about “The Power of One”.