Jesus “chooses” to Heal and Comfort Us

Jesus “chooses” to Heal and Comfort Us

By Tina Korte

In reading Matthew 8, you will find that Jesus “chooses” to heal and comfort us.  And in times of “terrible stress” he is always available.  Our faith relies on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in these topsy-turvy times.  In this “windstorm” surrounding us today, all we need to do is ask

Slowly take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Oh, Lord, our life as we’ve known it, is changing.  We are struggling as we lose control of so much. Jesus, you are in the rescuing business.  And when the big storms come you are not caught off guard.  You know just how to calm the situation knowing each of us intimately. Bring peace out of this chaos.  Instill the Hope promised on the cross in our minds and bodies.  Teach us to:

Turn our eyes and hearts toward your love.
Take the actions needed to bless and care for your world.
Rest in your Holy strength and confidence for as long as it takes.
In the name of Jesus sendd us your mysterious peace.


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