Worship Volunteers

Worship Volunteers

See members of each worship team below, along with the contact information for each worship team leader.

Assisting Ministers

Assisting Ministers are members of the congregation who help lead worship services. They assist the presiding minister by reciting or chanting the Kyrie, leading the congregation in the Nicene Creed or Apostles Creed, reading the prayers of intercession, and other prayers throughout the service. They also assist with Communion. This is a wonderful and fulfilling opportunity to serve the Lord and the congregation.

Communion Assistants

We believe that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine of the sacrament. This church welcomes all baptized Christians to share Holy Communion. Communion Assistants help with serving communion, usually by holding a chalice of blessed wine. When a person comes to the front of the church to receive communion, they first receive “The Body of Christ” from the presiding minister with the words “The Body of Christ, given for you”. This is a small round wafer placed in the palm of the hand. The recipient then approaches one of the communion assistants holding blessed wine (or grape juice) and they dip the wafer into the wine. This is called “Intinction”. As each person approaches, the communion assistant says “The Blood of Christ, Shed for You”.

Acolytes and Crucifers

Acolytes and crucifers set the tone for worship. Although many are children and young adults, this ministry is entirely suitable for grown-ups as well.

Acolytes are responsible for lighting the candles on the alter at the beginning of the service. They also snuff out the candles at the end of the service.

Crucifers carry the cross into the service and out of it. They also bring the collection plates to the ushers, and after they have been passed, retrieve them for blessing.


Being a lector and reading the scripture during service is an important ministry and a wonderful opportunity to look deeper into the scriptures. A lector is responsible for reading two scripture passages and leading the congregation in a responsive psalm during the service. Lectors are encouraged to read the scriptures ahead of time to get comfortable with the meaning, pronunciation, and inflection or emphasis. Reading at a pace that is slower than conversation, and with clarity and purpose can help the congregation focus and understand the scriptures more fully.


Greeters welcome worshippers with a smile and a bulletin. Most greeters are asked to serve once every 5 or 6 weeks.


Altar Guild

Altar Guild members work behind the scenes to ready the church for worship. They set the table, clean up afterwards, care for the linens and silks, bread and wine, cups and plates. This is perfect for people who care about beauty and order, but don’t like to be out front during the service.