ECHO – Experienced Christians Helping Others/Ourselves

ECHO – Experienced Christians Helping Others/Ourselves

What We Do

The objective of the ECHO ministry is outreach to OSLC’s senior adult community as well as to seniors in the Warrenton area through interesting presentations/demonstrations/etc. and a meal.

Why We Do It?

Because when we help others, we find that we’re helping ourselves!

Typical Activities

  • Christmas Sing Along
  • Hymn Singing
  • Board Games
  • Estate and End-of-Life Planning
  • Various Crafts
  • Flower Arranging
  • Learning about Trees
  • Medicare and Supplemental Planning
  • Potomac Nationals Baseball
  • Demonstration of Playing the Harp
  • Veterans Day Memorial Event
  • Making Christmas Decorations

For Questions About ECHO or to Join

Feel free to contact ECHO at We will be glad to put you on the email list so you will be informed of the next meeting of the committee (which is usually the first Tuesday of every month – in the afternoon).

“As seniors (primarily), the members of the ECHO Committee interact with others that share common experiences, reminisces, goals and objectives – and sometimes hardships. There is a sense of accomplishment and internal joy that comes from interacting with friends, as well as serving them at the same time, and ensuring that they come away from our events not only having enjoyed the few hours they have invested, but with more knowledge and/or ideas that they had going in. Even greater is to be able to bring happiness to groups of people that are not those you see frequently, and not members of the congregation. These people usually show genuine gratitude for the little things that we bring to them and do for them. Their lives are not necessarily bleak, but they are not necessarily bright either. The happiness that comes from receiving is no less manifested in the happiness that comes from giving. ECHO is all about giving if nothing else.”

— ECHO Member