If you are seeking community and purpose, Our Saviour may be the church for you. But don’t decide at once! Take some time to visit and get to know us. Talk with our pastors. Explore the Lutheran spiritual tradition. There’s no hurry and no pressure.

If you have decided that this is the church for you, begin by talking to a pastor. The ways to join Our Saviour are by baptism, by affirmation of baptism, or by transfer of membership. In every case, we recommend a New Members’ Orientation.


If you are new to Christianity, or despite going to church have never been baptized, then you are a candidate for the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. After a period of study, you will be washed in the waters of new life, sealed with the Holy Spirit and made a part of God’s People throughout the world and the ages.

Affirmation of Faith

If you are a baptized Christian, but not part of a Lutheran congregation, you may choose to affirm your faith before the congregation. This is a simple ceremony and the pastor will lead you through it.


If you are already part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America or one of its partner churches, we can write to your present congregation and request a transfer of membership. Although nothing else is required, we warmly encourage you to affirm your faith publicly as well.