Building Use During COVID-19

Building Use During COVID-19

Building Use Guidelines for Indoor Gatherings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For all Church and Outside Group Meetings, Events, Programs, etc.


The Continuity of Ministry Committee is pleased to announce that as of April 1, 2021, we returned to the pre-existing policy for building use that includes specific capacity limits for each room of the building with consideration for social distancing. This means we can accommodate groups larger than 10. Please see details here:  Room Reservation Occupancy Limits (As of November 11, 2020)

The following guidelines apply whether or not you are vaccinated: 
  • All gatherings MUST be scheduled in advance with the office, including the maximum expected number of participants, room(s) being requested, and contact name and phone/email for group. Priority will be given to church gatherings, and non-church gatherings must be approved by the Congregation Council, which meets on the second Thursday of each month.
  • Regular, thorough handwashing should be facilitated and encouraged throughout the gathering, and effective hand sanitizer made available.
  • Unvaccinated attendees must wear masks/face coverings (see 5/19/21 “Continuity of Ministry Update: Masks“).
  • Physical distancing is to be observed—at least 6 feet apart between individuals or groups living in the same household
  • Food—If you will be offering food at your gathering, please say so when you reserve the space and follow these guidelines:
    • Encourage people to pack their own food and beverage
    • Use disposable packaging, plates, utensils, etc.
    • Church gatherings may also serve food that has been plated and served according to CDC guidelines.
  • Adhere to space capacity according to your reservation (different rooms have different limitations so please do not change rooms after you schedule)
  • Cleaning- clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces with disposable wipes known to kill COVID-19 during and following gatherings (please provide these for your group)
  • The church office no longer requires contract tracing. However, the church office and all groups have a mutual obligation to inform the other of any positive cases as soon as possible.

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