Building Use During COVID

Building Use During COVID

Building Use Guidelines for Indoor Gatherings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For all Church and Outside Group Meetings, Events, Programs, etc.


Due to the increased risk of infection from the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Continuity of Ministry Committee, in consultation with the pastors (and music leaders), have made the following changes to our worship services and all in-person gatherings from now until until further notice:

All ministries and groups that meet at the church must follow the Governor’s orders from 12/10/2020 (updated as of March 1) and be limited to 10 or fewer total people indoors (for all groups that are not in a worship service) and 25 or fewer outdoors. All building users agree to the policies below.
  • All gatherings MUST be scheduled in advance with the office, including the maximum expected number of participants, room(s) being requested, and contact name and phone/email for group. Priority will be given to church gatherings, and non-church gatherings must be approved by the Congregation Council, which meets on the second Thursday of each month.
  • Regular, thorough handwashing should be facilitated and encouraged throughout the gathering, and effective hand sanitizer made available.
  • Attendees must wear masks/face coverings.
  • Physical distancing is to be observed—at least 6 feet apart between individuals or groups living in the same household
  • Food—If you will be offering food at your gathering, please say so when you reserve the space and follow these guidelines:
    • Encourage people to pack their own food and beverage
    • Use disposable packaging, plates, utensils, etc.
    • Church gatherings may also serve food that has been plated and served according to CDC guidelines.
  • Adhere to space capacity according to your reservation (different rooms have different limitations so please do not change rooms after you schedule)
  • Cleaning- clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces with disposable wipes known to kill COVID-19 during and following gatherings (please provide these for your group)
  • Contact tracing—
    • Church gatherings: everyone signs the sign-in sheet or the group leader signs in and follows the non-church gathering requirements.
    • Non-church gatherings: groups are to maintain contact information for all participants. Attendance for each gathering must be taken.
    • The church office and all groups have a mutual obligation to inform the other of any positive cases as soon as possible.
    • Contact sheets will be put away at the end of each day and stored in a secure file accessible only by paid staff. Sheets will be retained for 21 days and then shredded.

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