Lutherans in North America formed their first parish in colonial Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York), in the mid-1600s. German settlers in the Shenandoah Valley planted Lutheranism in Virginia about a century later. The modern Lutheran church still honors its immigrant roots, and welcomes believers from every race, nation and language.

In the late 1950s, Warrenton was growing fast, and a group of Lutherans gathered to form a new congregation. At first, they met in homes and rented space, including the historic Warren Greene Hotel. The church’s first building was on Broadview Avenue, in a building that is now Acclaim Dry Cleaners. At last, in 1986, we moved to our present site on Dumfries Road, and began to build.

But our history is more than a list of buildings and ministers. It is a story of growth and change, of ministry and mission. It is above all a story about people, and their passion for the Word of God.