2023 Blessing of the Quilts!

2023 Blessing of the Quilts!

This Year’s Blessing of the Quilts was a joyful event! 

This month’s “We Are the Virginia Synod” video focuses on Our Saviour’s Quilt Ministry. It is a wonderful piece, and includes images of our church on September 24. There is an interview with Andrea Mutterer, the leader of this ministry. 

The Virginia Lutheran can be found here. 

This is a direct link to the video itself.

The amazing Quilt Ministry here at OSLC is hard at work every week of the year. But how well do we understand the impact of those quilts in the world?

At the end of September of 2023, our quilting group had 256 quilts ready to go out into the world to bring comfort and safety to someone in need! Each one reflects God’s loving presence in a world rife with suffering. During worship on 9/23 and 9/24, we laid our hands on them and asked God’s blessings on them. Later in the week, all 256 quilts were delivered to the warehouse in New Windsor, MD to be shipped to someone who needs them.

October finds the quilters hard at work again, cutting and counting squares for the next batch. Ask how you can get involved!

Of course the quilts are beautiful, but to a family in crisis, they are so much more. They can be used as warm bedding, a simple tent, or as a warm floor covering. They can be used to carry hand made products to a market, where they act as a display, or to carry one’s meager possessions. LWR Mission Quilts are highly regarded throughout the world because of their quality and consistency.

Children with LWR quilts                               Quilts are delivered to the warehouse in New Windsor, MD to be shipped.    

Lutheran World Relief distributed its first quilts in 1945 to families in war-torn Europe following the Second World War. Within a decade, the ministry was reaching around the globe to villages far removed from the world’s attention. Today, an average of 300,000 quilts are lovingly given worldwide each year.

LWR Mission Quilts create a tangible, lasting bond between the people who lovingly assemble them, and our neighbors around the world, who receive quilts in their greatest times of need. As we lay our hands on the quilts to ask God’s blessings on them, we also give God thanks for the people who have put so much love and effort into creating them.

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