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Map representing the quad bike race

Team USA Rides in the Quad Tandem Bike World Championship for

The 2023 Quad Tandem World Championship was a tremendous success! Team USA members Jude Rittenhouse, Zac Moylan, Colin Ashby, Sam Paccassi, and (alternate) Drew Dove proved surprisingly adept at riding a four-person bike, despite not even getting to see one in person until two days before the event started! They certainly showed they could learn on the fly as they conquered the perils of mountainous terrain, highway riding, and even gravel roads over the course of their 8-day, nearly 500-mile…
We love Hurley heart on top of mountains

2023 Hurley Mission Trip

On July 9, ten youth and adults from OSLC headed to Appalachia for a week of learning, helping, worship, and fellowship with the people of Hurley, Virginia. During the week, we built walkways, porches, and stairs in order to help make homes safer and easier to enter and exit. We loved getting to know the homeowners and the full-time volunteers at the Hurley Community Center. They taught us all many new skills and became good friends! We aso had lots…

30 Fast Hours!

From noon on May 26 and continuing through May 27th, at 6:30, 15 OSLC youth and adults fasted for 30 consecutive hours in order to raise funds for ELCA World Hunger. We raised $4700! The funds were sent to ELCA World Hunger, who will use it where it is most desperately needed. They work all over the globe to provide tools, seed, farm animals, and education as well as emergency resources. Thank you to our congregation, friends, and family for your incredible…