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The Messenger – October 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

OCTOBER IS A SPECIAL MONTH FOR LUTHERANS. It was in this month that we remember the life of St. Francis, often by blessing animals on the 4th; the birth of the great missionary Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, on the 7th; Luke the Evangelist, Simon and Jude the Apostles, and more. But for most of us, the […]

The Messenger – September 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

LUTHERANS CARE ABOUT PEOPLE, AND ESPECIALLY PEOPLE IN NEED. In Wittenberg, during the Reformation, Martin Luther himself helped organize the “Community Chest,” which provided welfare for the poor, zero-interest loans to get impoverished artisans back on their feet, and funds for teachers, church workers and even a physician to care for those unable to afford […]

The Messenger – August 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

THE MONTH OF AUGUST WAS FIRST CALLED ” SEXTILUS.” In 8 BC, it was renamed after the Roman emperor, who went by the name “Augustus,” meaning Auspicious or Venerable. In the northern US, August is a hot, miserable month when many people take summer vacation.  In the South, it is hotter and more miserable – […]

The Messenger – July 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT THE LITTLE graphic on this front page changes from month to month? It reflects the season of the church year: a dove for Pentecost, a triangle for Trinity. And this month, as we plunge into summer, it is the Tree of Life. This is the tree mentioned in Revelation, whose fruit Jesus promises to all who […]

The Messenger – June 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, AND OF THE SON, AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! Nearly every service at Our Saviour begins with this invocation. It is the name in which we wash new Christians, and when we hear it, many of us make the sign of the Cross in remembrance of our baptism. Yet, […]

The Messenger – May 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

  CHRIST IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED! This is the shout of triumph with which Christians greet the feast of the Resurrection. It is a reminder that our fears and hopes lie equally in the hands of a mighty God. This Easter more than most, we need to hear the promise and take it […]

The Messenger – April 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

Coming together is an essential part of the Christian life. Every week since the first Easter, we have gathered as a community, sharing a meal and a message of hope, trusting that Jesus is there among us. The Bible drives this home. The New Testament word for “church” is ekklesia, which means “assembly.” St. Paul […]

The Messenger – March 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

I SAID:  I WILL CONFESS MY TRANSGRESSIONS TO THE LORD. Years ago, that verse from Psalm 32 was sung as part of the Brief Order of Confession in most Lutheran churches. It still echoes in many of our ears, reminding us of God’s call to be honest with him and with ourselves, to lay open […]

The Messenger – February 2020

by Yvette Pfeiffer

BEHOLD, SAYS THE LORD in Revelation, I make all things new. So he does. As the first apostles were called and immediately left their nets to follow Jesus, so we are called to live a new life when we follow him. Our Saviour has begun a process of congregational renewal called THRIVE. We have good leaders and good ideas. But we […]

The Messenger – September 2019


60 Years It began in the late 1950s, as a handful of people began to gather, talking about Jesus. The Warrenton Lutheran Group was not yet a church. After years of canvassing the community, talking to the Virginia Synod, and working with a mission developer, Pastor Kenneth Price, the day came: the Service of Organization. […]