The Messenger: December 2022-January 2023

The Messenger: December 2022-January 2023


By Pastor Michael Church

Consider, if you will, the humble and familiar Christmas card: a folded sheet of heavy paper, with a picture on the font, perhaps of the infant Jesus, perhaps of happy Victorians tramping through the snow on their way to church, or sometimes an angel, or a garland of holly and ivy. Inside, there are a few printed words – merry, happy, joyous – and the handwritten signature of a friend or family member, often one you have not seen in months or even years.

On one hand, the tradition of sending such cards seems odd, especially in a culture that seems to place ever-less value upon the Christian holi-days. Many more Americans, I suspect, will send out little cards than will gather with in worship. Would it not make sense for them to save the postage?

But on the other hand . . . 

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