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OSLC Adapts to Coronavirus Restrictions


Updates as of Friday, March 20, 2020 Trying to communicate effectively in this crisis has been like hitting a moving target. We are trying to keep everyone informed, provide pastoral and worship services and plan the way forward—all at the same time. We ask for your prayers, your patience, and your support.   Remote Worship Our […]

World Quilting Day – Quilt Raffle


World Quilting Day is Saturday, March 16 To raise awareness and celebrate World Quilting Day we will sponsor drawings for two (2) of our beautiful Quilts!  Tickets will be available before and after services on March 16th and 17th @ a table in the Narthex.  $5/ticket or $20/5 tickets.  Slight change in plan was adding […]

Quilting Ministry Gears up for 2019


Our 2018 Fabric Donations Exceeded All Expectations! Steadily throughout the year we have received exceptional quantities (boxes and boxes and bags and bags full…) of quality fabric donations from members of our Ministry, the Congregation and the Community. It’s exciting to know we are well positioned for 2019 and beyond!! Let us give thanks for […]