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'Young Adults' Tagged Posts

Map representing the quad bike race

Team USA Rides in the Quad Tandem Bike World Championship for

The 2023 Quad Tandem World Championship was a tremendous success! Team USA members Jude Rittenhouse, Zac Moylan, Colin Ashby, Sam Paccassi, and (alternate) Drew Dove proved surprisingly adept at riding a four-person bike, despite not even getting to see one in person until two days before the event started! They certainly showed they could learn on the fly as they conquered the perils of mountainous terrain, highway riding, and even gravel roads over the course of their 8-day, nearly 500-mile…

Are You a College-Age Adult Interested in Group Activities with Your Peers?

Are you interested in doing something with a group of peers? How about a trip to a haunted trail or to see a couple of your younger friends in the Fauquier High School play? We will schedule around your commitments, but the play runs through 29-30 at 7pm. Bring your friends! We can do dinner before or after somewhere nearby. If interested, contact Betsy Wilco through the church office.