Our pastors are the Reverend Michael G. Church and the Reverend Terri E.L. Church. They met as seminary students, have been married since 1995, and have a teenager. They have served congregations in metropolitan New York. For three years, they also served as missionaries in Romania. The Churches have been with Our Saviour since May of 2013.

2024 Congregation Council Members

  • President:                        Jerry Hoke
  • Vice President:               Jim Lowell
  • Secretary:                        Renee Breeding
  • Administration Team Liaisons:
    • Michael Maher
    • Bob Springman
    • Kimla Wille
  • Caring Team Liaisons:
    • Jana Frieslander
    • Sharon Fuerlinger
  • Faith Team Liaisons:
    • Karen Rocca
    • Betsy Wilco
  • Worship Team Liaisons:
    • Bettie Shiflett
    • Al Tucker
  • Other Congregation Officials
    • Treasurer:                        Bonnie McQuillan
    • Financial Secretary:      Sandy Benfit

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