The Messenger: September 2022

The Messenger: September 2022


Two Sides of the Same Coin

Could there be any greater joy than to stand and sing in the presence of the Lord? That is, after all, how the saints in heaven are described in Revelation.

But on the other hand, could there be any greater joy than to sit at the Lord’s feet and learn from him? That is precisely what it means to be a “disciple,” or student of Christ.

Worship and learning are among the greatest pleasures of the Christian life. And they belong together. That’s why, even though some churches offer Sunday School as their parents are in worship, we at OSLC keep those times separate – because we want children in worship as well as class, and adults in class as well as worship.

After a too-long summer break, Our Saviour’s ministries of education and faith formation are back this month. Sunday School, Confirmation Class and Youth Group for children and teens, three midweek Bible studies and Sunday
School for adults – each one is a precious opportunity to deepen our understanding of God’s grace and love.

Bring your children or grandchildren. Bring a friend or neighbor. Above all, come – to worship and to learn.

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