The Messenger: October 2021

The Messenger: October 2021

Revival     ◊     Renewal    ◊     Renaissance    ◊     Restoration    ◊     Rebirth

Our church has gone back to its old ways – and at the same time, it is all new.

That is the whole point of the Reformation, which we celebrate each year in October. Under Luther’s guidance, Christians went backwards, to their roots in Scripture and simple faith. But at the same time, they moved forward into a new and modern world.

It is also true of Our Saviour, right now. We are “back” to three weekend services, a Sunday School and a Choir. But at the same time, none of these things is just what it was. We have changed, and we will continue to change, in response to the needs of the people around us.

But one thing never changes: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. (Hebrews 13:8)

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