Share Your Faith Story With Your OSLC Family

Share Your Faith Story With Your OSLC Family

When we belong to the same family (OSLC), we want to hear each other’s stories. That is what we have done in past issues of the church’s monthly newsletter, The Messenger, and would like to continue as it was well received.

For some of us, talking or writing about ourselves is easy. It gets harder when it is that sacred dimension, a most precious part of our lives. If your heart is willing to share but you can’t find the words, let one of the pastors, or council members or a friend help you.

Want help? How about a cup of coffee and sitting at another table in the Fellowship Hall, sharing your story to be recorded or written down? Just name the day and time and let one of us know. Doing it together is one big blessing!

Also, a very good and interesting article that may be of help with the matter of writing and sharing your faith story can be found here:

Please contact the church office by email ( or by phone (540-347-3224) with any questions or to be connected with Tina Korte, one of the pastors or someone else who is more than willing to assist you.


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