The Messenger – July 2020

The Messenger – July 2020


graphic on this front page changes from month to month? It reflects the season of the church year: a dove for Pentecost, a triangle for Trinity.

And this month, as we plunge into summer, it is the Tree of Life.

This is the tree mentioned in Revelation, whose fruit Jesus promises to all who stay faithful during hard times. It is also a symbol of growth, as in summer the trees are full and green. The Tree of Life is a perfect sign of where we are right now. For months, we have been struggling through a pandemic. The struggle is not over by any means! But we are holding on, and we are adjusting. As of June 28, there are now limited in-person services on Sundays. The Saturday in-person services will begin again July 4. We are still streaming, because it is still safer at home. But we are also opening up, like blossoms on a tree, as we prepare for the next stage in our journey with Jesus.

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