The Messenger – May 2020

The Messenger – May 2020



This is the shout of triumph with which Christians greet the feast of the Resurrection. It is a reminder that our fears and hopes lie equally in the hands of a mighty God.

This Easter more than most, we need to hear the promise and take it to heart. This is a difficult time.

People, especially in hospitals and nursing homes, cannot be together as they would like. Children cannot gather around a parent’s sickbed.

Those who live in close quarters are at special risk. Think of sailors on an aircraft carrier, or worse yet of those in prison, who are so easily forgotten by the outside world.

We do not yet know when the worst will be over.  We do not know when we can visit freely, shake hands again, or gather as one for worship.

Here is what we do know: that the same God who raised Jesus from the dead is watching over us with love and mercy. And we know that this mighty, gracious God will not forget his people.

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