The Messenger: August 2021

The Messenger: August 2021

Revival     ◊     Renewal    ◊     Renaissance    ◊     Restoration    ◊     Rebirth

It is time for a change. 

COVID-19 forced many unwelcome changes upon people of faith. Gatherings have been difficult and rare.

Although we at OSLC have managed to continue the bare bones of our ministry — weekly worship, community service, even some Bible study — this has been a dark age for our church.

But after the darkness comes light. As vaccination rates increase and infection rates taper off, we are coming to life again.

Our new life, our new birth, will not be identical to the old one. Church leaders are working tirelessly to envision new and exciting ways to worship God, teach the faith, and serve our neighbors.

What about you? Are you tired of the Dark Ages? Come and live a new life with us!

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