Posts from June 2021

Posts from June 2021

The Messenger: July 2021

Keeping It Weird Like many Millennials, Rachel Held Evans was raised in the Christian faith; and like many of our children and grandchildren, she abandoned it in young adulthood.  Later, when she found her way back, it was not to the Evangelicalism of her childhood, but to a branch of Christianity deeply shaped by ritual and tradition, by sacraments and a sense of mystery.  Reflecting on this, Evans wrote: “[A] church can have a sleek logo and Web site, but…

Add Your Voice to VoP for a Summertime Service

Voices of Praise is still hoping to add your voice to our song over the summer months. If you would like to join us for a song or a service, please contact Rhoda Thompson through the church office (540-347-3224 or  

Power in the Spirit
Virginia Synod

Power in the Spirit is an inspirational conference for people of all ages who wish to explore God’s call to service through joyous worship, Bible studies, keynote addresses, workshops, games, and fellowship. In addition, congregational leaders—teachers, music directors, choir members, council and committee members, family life consultants, deacons, pastors, and others—will find Power in the spirit nurturing and challenging as they consider their mission and ministry. Check out the upcoming July 11-15, 2021 Power in the Spirit (Online) on our…