Adult Christian Education

Adult Christian Education

Oct 8, 2023

Adult Sunday School Class — Animate: Practices

Once again we delve into the Animate series of studies in our Adult Sunday School class. This time we’ll focus on Practices, An introduction to the central practices of the Christian faith .  Materials will be emailed each week or can be picked up the week before or the day of the class. Like many of our recent classes, there is a video component to each session. Sessions we’ll be discussing include: Prayer: Oriented toward God (Sep. 10) Food: Eating,…
Oct 12, 2023

Adult Bible Study with Pastor Michael

A Sneak Peak at the Weekly Readings! Each week, we read a series of lessons together in worship, and hear a sermon that touches on at least one of them. But wouldn’t it be great if we knew which lessons we would hear in advance, so that we could understand them more deeply? If only there were some way to get a sneak peak. Good news: there is! Each Thursday, Pastor Michael will introduce us to the lectionary for the…