Martha Mae Giles Scholarship Fund for High School Seniors

Martha Mae Giles Scholarship Fund for High School Seniors

In late November 2021, Bob Springman (Finance Committee Chairman), Sandy Benfit (Financial Secretary) and Bonnie McQuillan (Treasurer) were called to a meeting by the trustee of Melvin Giles’ will. One of our very generous founding members and now benefactor has stipulated in his will the creation of a scholarship fund designated as the “Martha Mae Giles Scholarship Fund”.

This scholarship is for the benefit of graduating high school seniors in pursuit of a higher education degree in a community college OR a 4-year college or university. The fund is intended to benefit first – members or children of members of OSLC, second – associates of OSLC and finally – members of the entire community.

Mr. Giles selected the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation (NPCF) to administer the selection of recipients as well as the disbursement of payments for this scholarship in consultation with OSLC as necessary to assist with qualifications and/or eligibility for the scholarship. NPFC is one of 30 community foundations in Virginia. This non-profit organization hosts the Give Local Piedmont campaign held each May that benefits all non-profit organizations in the area. NPCF has an office located in the Path Foundation Building on Walker Drive.

While there remain many decisions to be made by OSLC in setting up our involvement in this Scholarship, NPCF said the scholarships begin immediately. That means this year’s seniors are eligible to apply now until March 20, 2022. The applications are online through NPCF’s website: There is a tab for a scholarship login where each applicant will create an account. This is not a full scholarship (NPCF said their scholarships typically average $1,000 per year and are renewable each year with only a transcript verification that grades are being maintained but much of that figure can be determined by OSLC). While that is being worked out, we did want any of this year’s interested seniors to have the opportunity to apply. If you have questions, please contact Bob, Sandy, or Bonnie until the OSLC committee is operational according to the stipulations in Mr. Giles’ Trust.


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