Disaster Relief for Our Hurley Virginia Friends

Disaster Relief for Our Hurley Virginia Friends


Storms on August 30, 2021 did serious damage to our longtime ministry partners in Hurley, Virginia, a rural community in the far southwest of our state. Torrential rains led to mudslides and flooding. Hundreds of people have been rendered homeless, power and fresh water have been disrupted. Key roads have been rendered impassible.

After years of collaboration, we at OSLC must not abandon our friends now. We are gathering funds to send to Hurley Community Development, the local relief agency that has hosted us so many times. Please give generously either by:

  • Check — make payable to “Hurley Community Development” or to “OSLC” with Hurley Community Development listed in the memo section
  • Cash — place in green & white Designated Offering envelope writing in “Hurley Community Development” and place in offering plate or box
  • Online — through the donation page of our website and then send an email to Sandy Benfit to let her know

Donations will be collected through the end of October 2021.

For updated information, speak to Betsy Springman or Pastor Michael.

UPDATE (as of 10/01/2021):

A Great BIG Thank You to those who have already given!! Due to a a very generous $2,000 match, we have been able to send $4,000 to Hurley Community Development so far.


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