Holy Communion Classes

Holy Communion Classes

Holy Communion instruction, the time when many children will be excited about celebrating their Holy Communion. After a lot of time and devotion in preparing for this most special occasion, they’ll be ready to receive Christ with open hearts. As parents, it’s a beautiful moment to witness in your children’s lives.

OSLC will begin instruction of Holy Communion class to all 5th grade students. Students in 6th grade that were not able to attend our instruction during the previous years are invited to attend.

Ash Wednesday marks the start of the Lenten season. It is customary for our Holy Communion class to gather and attend Ash Wednesday services together. After Ash Wednesday, our classes will meet during the Sunday School hour every Sunday from March 6th – April 10th.  This is a six-week course instructing our youth about what Holy Communion means.

If your son or daughter will be attending Holy Communion class this year, please email or phone Yvonne Rodgers through your church directory or by getting her contact information from the church office.


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