Notice of Constitutional Changes for 2022

Notice of Constitutional Changes for 2022

This is to advise the Congregation that there will be several changes to the OSLC Constitution for the year 2022. These changes will be introduced and voted upon at the congregational meeting on November 7, 2021 to advance them to the February 2022 meeting for a vote of final approval and inclusion in the official Constitution.

The changes consist primarily of restructuring and simplifying the Constitution document itself as some of the policies (recently adopted and new) are so large they have become a burden on using the base document. These large policies have been consolidated in a new document called “OSLC Supplementary Policy Handbook.” This will necessitate minor changes to the base document to indicate the new location of the relocated policies, but there are no real changes to the impacted policies themselves.

We will also be introducing one new large and serious policy called the “OSLC Child Protection Policy” which governs the rules and regulations of how all categories of adults in the congregation are to deal with children and youth at church-related activities, as well as the policies and procedures related to the legal ramifications of infractions of these rules. There may be a new Safety and Security Policy as well as a new Facility Use Ministry Policy presented at the time – these have not been finalized yet.

Anyone who desires a copy of the proposed changes to the Constitution, the Supplementary Policy Handbook or any of the existing or proposed policies should contact Ken McIlvoy directly. They will be promptly sent to you via email.


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